Tufa (Italian: tufo). - is a rock type, consisting of volcanic ash extruded during volcanic eruption which has stiffened over time. Tufa consists of fragments of volcanic glass, pumice. That rock of volcanic origin is the main building stone used in our country. There are dozens of tufa mines in Armenia.

According to the characteristics Armenian tufas are divided into 5 types:

  • Ani (yellow, orange)
  • Artik (pink, purple)
  • Yerevan (black, red)
  • Byurakan (pink with black stains, dark grey with black stains)
  •  Felsite (inwrought).

Tufa is an excellent building material, it is relatively easily cut and ripped but it is strong enough and resists to weather changes properly. Due to porosity, the inner side of the building protects from cold in winter, and in summer from hot. Tufa walls <> that is to say natural ventilation is performed through them. You can buy from us tufa with conditions proper for you. We accept orders of different complexity. Delivery is to Armenia, Russian Federation.