Travertine (Italian: travertino, Latin: lapis tiburtinus – tiburian stone) – is a mountain porous stone type. It is white in pure and raw state. One can meet ivory, cream, walnut, golden tints, conditioned with the content of iron or other organic combinations available in the stone. Travertine contains traces of plants. It is notable for its less density and expressive porosity that is why it undergoes processing easily and the product made from it becomes light-weighted. It is polished easily ensuring a smooth and shiny surface. During the polishing process it is possible to get different tints of travertine. Travertine is safe for human life which allows also its use in interior (building interior decoration) for facing of floor, walls, sometimes also for ceiling. Also sculptures and monuments are created from travertine. You can buy travertine from us with conditions proper for you. We accept orders of different complexity. Delivery is to Armenia, Russian Federation.