Granite (Latin: granum - granule). – is a volcanic rock which is the most widespread in the continental earth crust. Mainly more frequently one can meet grey and black granites, but sometimes happen also their rosy, white, yellow and green tints. Due to its homogeneous composition, pleasant coloring, great strength and quite simple method of extraction and processing, it is used as a building already long time. Granite is easily refined and polished, though its main advantage is the stability against external impacts. It resists up to 800°С temperature. Among natural minerals after beryls and quartzites it ranks the third place due to its solidity.  Besides, granite has a low level of water absorption and high endurance against cold, acids and pollution. For centuries granite has been used as a material for building and facing. It is the best variant for exterior facing and paving, for creation of architectural small forms and sculptures. Granite is used for interior decoration of the buildings as well, especially where beauty and solid must be combined.

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