Artistic elements

  Natural stone is widely used in landscaping and interior (interior decoration). We offer you a wide variety of artistic elements, the raw material for which can be any stone. You can choose stone type, element type and artistic decoration. With the help of our specialist you can order accessories of interior decoration made from natural stone: tables, table tops, washbasins, window sills, etc., the attractiveness and strengtheness of which depend on your choice. For example, The products made from granite are very stable, the surface is heat resistant, it isn't damaged from liquids and tracks, almost doesn't scrabble, it isn't repainted over time, doesn't require permanent care. 

  Stone window sills are not only lovely and strength, but also they are very resistant. They aren't sensitive to temperature change, do not repaint, don't need coloring and repairing. Stone type, window sill form can be by your choice.